pele fire wick

27 USD / In stock.

Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of Fire; her sister Hi'iaka, inventor of the hula; and the Greek god Ganymede, the first hooper, team up together for the ultimate in flow arts: Fire Hooping. 

1.5 ounces each with a LARGE wick for big fire, long burn duration and no more wimpy blue flame! Woven wick for even more surface area and with no exposed metal parts (other than spine) or attachment wires. Stainless steel parts with a flexible cable and free floating wick for dynamic shock adsorption.

Use Pele wicks on different hoops, taped or sanded, minis & LED hoops.  (note: this could void a warranty on an LED hoop)    Other ideas: throw some on each end of a staff, turn 'em into poi, attach them on a helmet, get creative. 


* made from rust resistant stainless steel
* flexible yet sturdy cable spine design
* measures 5" long from hoop to edge of spine
* LIFETIME warranty on manufacturing
* Includes free installation tool (aka nut driver) with sets of 5 wicks or more.
* Wicks sold individually


We offer two sizes to fit your hoop nice and snug. Please be sure to accurately measure the OD of your tubing. 

* 3/4" OD
* 5/8" OD